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Dan & Nate talk shop with puppet people. An in depth look at building, performing, writing, creating, and developing puppetry productions.

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61. Epic Voice Guy Jon Bailey!

In a world...where puppets take a pause, and make way for a truly EPIC chat with a man that lives up to his moniker, The "Epic Voice Guy" Mr. Jon Bailey! (but don't worry, he has a great puppet connection!)

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Our buddy David Bizzaro returns!

We talk all about the new awesome stuff coming out of Bizzaro Studio, more Team Lopez, the fact that Nate still can't grow a beard, and oh so much more!

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ARRRRRRR!!! This here be a piratey episode indeed mateys! Our buddy Pirate Steve was at the opening of Shanghai Disney and we've got the full scoop! All of the cool new rides and puppet elements! Also, we chat about the other Disney parks around the world! Enjoy!

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58. Haley Jenkins Chats Digital Puppets and More!

JENKINS!!!! (Shakes fist in air)
One of our favorite puppeteers and people in this world, Haley Jenkins joins us in a delightful chat! We talk all about her new role as "Marvie", the digital puppet host of Sesame Street's new online content channel on YouTube: Sesame Studios! We also reminisce and tease her as usual...which begs the question, why does she tolerate us? Haha. 

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57. James Wojtal Talks Dinos and Cruising!

James joins us in our continuing experiment in this new format as our first video chat guest! We get a peak at the infamous "Puppet Dungeon"! and learn abut all the cool new stuff James has been working on!

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Dan & Nate experiment with live video podcasting! We struggled through the madness and came out unscathed on the other side. 

Lots of fun and interesting stuff to come with future fun puppet guests!

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If you didn't know already, we are big Disney fans. We are also big into the audio animatronics that populate many of the rides at Disney. The Haunted Mansion, is a classic and wondrous place and we never tire of talking about it. From the classic and new audio animatronics to the simply amazing VO by the great Paul Frees, please enjoy our chat about The Haunted Mansion, with "ghoulish delight"!


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54. Nothing To Say Show!

We were guests on another great podcast! And the wonderful Charlie and Skunkie were gracious enough to allow us to post the episode on out feed. Its kind of like our Pilot episode, where we discuss our "puppet sega genesiseseses", but we also go on fun random tangents (ya know, like we do!) We thought this chat was super fun and we wanted to share it with our loyal listeners. Enjoy!

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SPECIAL! The Show Me Show & The Jungle Book!


We have the great Noel MacNeal back again with us to talk all about his new series The Show Me Show which caters to children with autism! It just started its Kickstarter and you can help, donate and share at this website:

Any and all help is greatly appreciated. If you can't donate, PLEASE SHARE IT! This is a wonderful and important show created by an equally and important man!

Dan also just saw Disney's The Jungle Book, and we chat all it's amazing technological feats, CGI and puppetry. 

Thanks for listening to this special episode!

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53. Julie Dolan

The Force is strong with this episode!

This week was Nate-less, but its ok, because Dan got to chat with the lovely and talented Julie Dolan who is currently the voice of Princess Leia! Dan and Julie talk all about landing the role (which she voices in Star Wars: Rebels, Star Tours and Disney Infinity 3.0) as well as her performance background. Don't worry, she's got PUPPET CREDS! 

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52. Hakuna Puppeta

We're on the road! (literally!)

Dan & Nate, during their drive to record another podcast, turn the mic on and chat about what 2 dudes in a car together typically chat about...The Lion King! From Broadway to home video, The Lion King holds a strong place in our hearts.

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50. Lucky Yates

50th EPISODE! 

And boy howdy, its a good'un!

The boys are back (finally) and have an awesome chat with the one and only Lucky Yates! If you don't know the name, you most assuredly know the VOICE! Lucky is the voice behind Dr. Krieger on the hit animated show Archer on FX, but that's not the only reason we wanted to chat with him! (even though that would be enough!) He is also a very accomplished and talented puppeteer!

The boys and Lucky talk all about finding his puppet love, his affiliation with The Center For Puppetry Arts in Atlanta, as well as all the other awesome projects he has been and is still involved with!  We couldn't ask for a better guest to mark our 50th EPISODE! 

Lucky's Twitter: @luckyyates

Lucky sums up Archer in 30 secs!

Best of Krieger - Supercut!

Salsa Primary Spanish show!

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51. Monkey Boys


Dan & Nate drove out to the Philadelphia, PA  area to visit the awesome shop of the even more awesome Monkey Boys! Marc Petrosino & Michael Latini were kind enough to take time out of their crazy busy schedule of designing and building puppets, creatures, props, practical effects and more, to sit down with D & N and give them a tour of their shop!

They talk about how the company was formed, some of their big projects, a very well known and naughty plant, Jedis and dumplings! Mmmmmm....dumplings.

Check out their website:

Ben In The Desert

Welcome To Anhedonia

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Monkey Boys Youtube Channel!

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