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Dan & Nate talk shop with puppet people. An in depth look at building, performing, writing, creating, and developing puppetry productions.

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Our buddy David Bizzaro returns!

We talk all about the new awesome stuff coming out of Bizzaro Studio, more Team Lopez, the fact that Nate still can't grow a beard, and oh so much more!

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ARRRRRRR!!! This here be a piratey episode indeed mateys! Our buddy Pirate Steve was at the opening of Shanghai Disney and we've got the full scoop! All of the cool new rides and puppet elements! Also, we chat about the other Disney parks around the world! Enjoy!

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58. Haley Jenkins Chats Digital Puppets and More!

JENKINS!!!! (Shakes fist in air)
One of our favorite puppeteers and people in this world, Haley Jenkins joins us in a delightful chat! We talk all about her new role as "Marvie", the digital puppet host of Sesame Street's new online content channel on YouTube: Sesame Studios! We also reminisce and tease her as usual...which begs the question, why does she tolerate us? Haha. 

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