Getting Felt Up - A Puppetry Podcast

Dan & Nate talk shop with puppet people. An in depth look at building, performing, writing, creating, and developing puppetry productions.

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This episode is special guest James Wojtal, Jr.! Puppet builder extraordinaire! James tell us of his background, shares some of his expert knowledge, and talks of his time working for The Jim Henson Company!  (and that doesn't even scratch the surface!) A great guy, an amazing puppeteer and builder, and also a wonderful friend.  Enjoy!

Apologies for the occasional spotty audio, we did our best to fix it but didn't want to scrap it.

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Welcome to Getting Felt Up! A Puppetry Podcast wtih Dan & Nate.  This is the first of what is sure to be a bevy of episodes in which your fearless leaders Dan & Nate will take you on a journey. A journey off all things PUPPETS! Exploring all the different forms and facets of the world of puppetry, they will discuss their personal passion and experieces, as well as bring in some guests who are FAR more talented then they can ever hope to be themselves! Puppet knowledge at its finest! (and silly too) Enjoy! & Daniel Doesn't Have A Website .org

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